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Biography: 171-as įtakingiausias žmogus Lietuvoje / "Humoro klubo" komikas /

Sophie Marceau Country=USA genres=Biography, Drama director=Mel Gibson duration=178 minutes user Ratings=8,8 of 10. Watch NARSIOJI ŠIRDIS Online Free megashare 'Narsioji širdis Online ' Leaked 2018 Titles: 2018s 1-10. This film is what true film making is all Gibson gives a wonderful performance as Wallace.Wallace character is the whole fights for is more noble than all the nobles in fighting episodes are highly ildren should be over mature age to film never glorifes violence as most hollywood trash does.Further,The mood,music,countryside are wonderful to is at his finest in this is a refreshing change from the joke flicks LW-1-4.

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Narsioji sirkis. Narsioji siris. Great war epic. The best scene is where the Scottish clansmen are all lined up watching the British gather their troops and being overwhelmed at the opposition. All ready to turn tail and run, William Wallace rides up on his horse and gives an awesome speech about freedom: I'll try to get this right, forgive me if I don't. Fight and you may die. Run and you will live, at least a while. And many years from now dying in your bed, would you give one chance, just one chance to tell the British- You may take our you'll never take our FREEDOM. Says it all right there, never mind about historical inaccuracies. That is the spirit of Wallace.

Filmas narsioji sirdis. Watch Online Online s1xe1. This film is great and everyone should watch it at least once, thats the review out of the way. If you are reading this review i assume you have read the reviews before it and will probably read the ones after it. All the other reviews can be broken into 2 groups. Group 1 are the people (i'm ashamed to say often my fellow Americans. who write "this film is great and is about how the Scottish beat the British" this may be a small point but Scotland is a part of Britain as is England. Therefore the Scottish were not fighting Britain and anyone who writes a review featuring that statement is well worth avoiding. Group 2 are the people who will mention the historical accuracies. Whether or not you read those reviews is very much up to you. If you want mindless entertainment dont bother with them. If you want educating read away as you might learn something. This film made one major change to my neighborhood and that was that a lot of the Irish-Americans suddenly "discovered" they also have prominent Scottish ancestry.

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